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Brand Licensing Procedure
Please fill out the "Applicant information form" online
Preliminary assessment of cooperative partner qualification
Cooperative proposal negotiation( Arrange for the first meeting between the two parties)
Final assessment of cooperative partner qualification and contract negotiation (Arrange for a second meeting between the two parties)
Official contract signing
Remittance of brand licensing fee completed
Know-how transfer, site condition assessment and recommendation
Overall planning, construction recommendation, training, and evaluation
Official opening
Sustainable management
常見問題 | FQA
How do I become a partner of Tiger Sugar?
Thank you very much for your support and interest in Tiger Sugar We are looking forward to collaborating with partners worldwide and promoting Tiger Sugar all over the world. In order to provide you with further information, please fill out the "Applicant information form" online and our staff will contact you.
What is the method and duration of the Region's Master franchise?
“Region’s Master franchise” is based on the unit of city/region, the exclusive distributor has an exclusive right of management and must have its own management team and open a certain number of stores in the region. The authorized operation licensing period is "five years"
After I submit my store opening application form, how long does it take for someone to contact me?
After submitting the complete Applicant information form, the preliminary assessment takes about 3~5 working days, after which the operator will contact and assist you.
Raw material supply and procurement?
In addition to fresh dairy products, which can be purchased locally, in order to maintain stable quality and ensure the consistency of products in each store, all partners need to order key technical raw materials from Tiger sugar headquarters.
What if I cannot click on the region where I wish to open a store
If you are unable to select the city or region you wish to open your store, meaning that the region already has an exclusive distributor and there is no distributor and franchise vacancy available.
Qualification of the distributor?
1.Possess a high level of enthusiasm towards the catering industry, with previous restaurant experience preferred.
 2.Be aligned with the management philosophy of Tiger Sugar.
 3.Ability to operate and manage
 4.Possess an in-house management team (marketing, operation, finance, etc.)
 Knowledge of managing the region and familiar with competitive brands.
How much is it to be the exclusive distributor in the region?
We will conduct an assessment based on the economic development level and average per capita consumption of the region, thereby stipulating a set agency fee for each region. Please fill out the "Applicant basic information". After the preliminary distributor qualification assessment, we will start the quotation process.